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At Cor D. Rover Design, we try to reimagine what never existed. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible, not just design-wise, but just as much in technological innovation. Over the years, this has led to an impressive list of patented innovations, that have been succesfully applied in a significant number of yachts. 

Dumptank Eliminating Poolfloor Patent

DEPP consists of inflatable sealing of the poolfloor when in (flush) deck-level position. After topping off with fresh water and keeping a constant small overpressure, the free surface effect is eliminated and the pool turns into a massive block of ballast weight.

Chrystal Beach Greenhouse

The patented Chrystal Beach Greenhouse offers the opportunity to open or close the complete aftdeck at the touch of a button, and is completely invisible when not in use. Chrystal Beach offers swimming between icebergs or in extremely hot climates in a conditioned environment.

A conversation with Cor D. Rover
Sky Terrace

The patented Sky Terrace makes it possible to add a significant amount of deck space. 

Learn more about who we are, our design philosophy, innovations and much more through this in-depth interview taken by Yacht Design in our Rotterdam studio.

Rotterdam Studio

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